Friday, December 05, 2008

frisky friday

a lady our mommees knows found a momma cat and kittens hiding out under her deck. momma has no collar and will not come up to our mommees friend. they is worried that the kittys will get fery cold and be fery hungry with all of the cold weather coming. mommees is gonna meet wif the lady caturday morning to try to catch the momma and hers babys. please purray they catch them.

mommees says if they is truly feral she will haf to see if the shelter in the next county will still do a lady gardenectomy on the momma and maybe help find her a home as a barn cat somewheres. (ars county shelter donts have low cost spay/neuter program) we is hopin she is just shy ans not feral. mommees says the kittens look small/young enuff that they might be easy enuff to tame.

mommees says she wishes she coods keep them all but some of us ars still not too happy about the fluffy orinch thing that came to live wif us last year.

enjoy the pikshures and if you knows of anyone that would like one of the fuzzy kittens please email mommees at momsbusy AT earthlink DOT net.

yuki & kimiko

pee ees mommees is thinkin abouts gettin a raffle up to raise green papers for ars V-E-T visit next month. all 3 of us gots to go. ans if she gets the momma and her babies they is gonna hafs to see the V-E-T. daddees still hafents gots a job yet ans things donts looks good. mommees knows they is lots of kitties wif problems worse than ars so she wuz kinda wantin sum feedbak on the raffle. (she gots sum nice cat themed stuff like a set of 4 warren kimble cat mugs)


  1. O, what a beautiful fambly. I's gonna post this on tha CB, maybe they's could find a warm, loving home fur tha holly*days.
    You jus let us know when your aukshun is an I's post it on tha CB. We's help you out wif more aukshuns, too, just let us know. Those green papers be really tight right now an our health is furry impawtant.
    Love and Purrs,

  2. Oh My Goodness! Such beeyoutiful babies! Oh yes! We luf auctions. Perhaps we could help with another Ham-Mick raffle to help get these babies vet-ted.

    Luf, Us

  3. KITTENS! Kittenskittenskittens...Sheesh Speedy, calm down. Yup, he loves kittens and dems furry cute. We think a raffle to help pay fur getting dem kitties and yoor kitties to da vet is a good idea. Mom knows about things being "tight", she's been haffing "money" meetings wif dad ever since da market went bang...we don't know what it means but it don't sound good.

  4. What a lovely little family, your Mommee is very kind to help trap them and get them sorted out. I hope it goes well and they all get great forever homes.

    Whicky Wuudler

  5. Oh, thanks to your Mommy and your Mommy's friend for looking out for these kitties. We don't know much about raffles, but we'd buy tickets if you put one on. Hope your Mom can get some help for those kitties,


    Gypsy & Tasha

    PS We hope you girl kitties keep on getting used to having kintaro around...

  6. we can try ta git sum papers tageffer fur yooo. :)

  7. What a beautiful family. Those pix are sooooooooo sweet.

  8. FLUFF! LOTSA FLUFF! The Lady is going nuts wanting to cuddle those fluffy babies. We sure do hope they can be caught and tamed. What darlings!

  9. We hope your mommy's friend can catch the kitties and they can find furever homes...

  10. I hope that your Mom can catch that momcat and her kittens and that momcat isn't too feral. I would buy tickets in a raffle. I think it's a great idea.

  11. Those kittens are so cute and so is the mom. Hope they find a home. My sister was in the same situation, she was lucky to find a no kill shelter.

  12. Such a good mama keeping watch over her kittens. And your human mom is so caring to want to help them.