Monday, September 15, 2008

memory monday

we is membering miss pixie on this monday. she was a fery nice girl kitty who made many years of memories wif hers moms and hers sisfer daisy. we members hers for hers love of naners. we always thot that wuz fery kool that a kitty like naners.

we is fery mad! we wuz gonna post the pertty pkshure of pixie eatin a naner but DPB is, well, being dreded.


  1. We will miss Pixie very much and we are purring our best don't-be-too-sad purrs for Daisy.

  2. Ah, thank you so much for thinking of Pixie today. Your kindness is much appreciated during this sad time.

  3. That's okay; I can see the picture of Pixie licking the bananer in my mind. She was very special.

  4. We just wanted to thank you for stopping by to offer your kind words when we lost Roscoe to the rainbow bridge last week. We just know that he was waiting for Miss Pixie....

    Opus and Cyn

  5. I miss Pixie too, and I think she's awesome for wiking naners! Both me and That Thing wun a squiwwion miles away when we smell naners!