Wednesday, February 13, 2008

i hads an interview!

mommees hafs been fery concerned abouts my jumpin, or shood i say how i cants jump too goods anymore. i am a littles fussy whens she piks me up too. i sometimes meow fery loud like i is hurtin.

like a good mommees she has been takin me to my doktor. he has poked me (in bof ends!), lissend to my heart, squeezd my guts, ans took pikshures of me. he tolded my mommees that i gots arther-i-tus in one of my nees. ans he has made my nee bad.

my doktor tolded my mommees bouts a place that is working wif a company to test a drug that mite help kitties wif arther-i-tus. he gots thairs fone number ans mommees talked to the people. they made her take a test ofer the phone! afer she ansird the questions they said i mite be a good candidate fer the study.

so mommees mades me get in the big machine ans took me for a long ride to see the ofer doktor. we rode a squillion miles! whats that mommees? oh, it wuz only a 45 minute ride. i cried ans cried cuz i hates to ride. we gots to the doktors place and thair ars 3 doktors thair. ans guess what?! they only take care of cats! so they knows eferythink thair is to know bouts cats. they efen has a cat livin thair ans hims name is spiderman. mommees said she wisht she took hers camera wifs hers. he wuz a perty grey long haird kitty.

they puts me in a room ans they gave mommees papers ans more papers. then they poked me all ofer! the lady doktor wuz fery nice. she said i wuz fery cute and i had perty big eyes and a cute face. she wuz butterin me up to poke me wif a needle and takes my blood. ans she tooks 2 tubes of blood frums me. i wuz so weak afer that! mommees said she would gifs me extra tempatations fer that. i think she shood give me a whole bag!

next they took me frum mommees! i didnts want to go but mommees said they hads to take pikshures of my insides. they wuz real nice and we gotted done in no time. then they showd mommees the pikshures. i still gotted a bad nee. but now i gots bad elbows - bofs of dem! i ams fallin apart. i is jus gettin to the prime years of my life (i will be 13 on my birfday - 13 is the new 3 yu know).

they is gonna let us know iffens i am a good candidate fer helpin wif this reseerch. i wonts know if i is gettin the real medisin or fake medisin. mommees gots to keep a diaree for 28 days if i gets to help. i will hafs to go bak afer 14 days ans at the end of 28 days. she tolds me that this mite help ofer cats sumday wif arther-i-tus to not hert so much.

mommees is still tryin to figure out how i can pull mysefs up onto hers chair to lay in hers lap when i gots 2 bad elbows. she really beleefs that cats do suffer in silence.

she says that whens we gives frum ars hearts to help ofers that we gets a warm fuzzy feelin inside. i wonder, coods that feelin be frum gettin extra, extra temptations?


  1. We are sorry to hear you have arthritis. :( The lady doctor is right - you do have a pretty, cute face. :) That would be very cool if you are accepted into the study! We hope you get some help for your arthritis.

  2. You are very very pretty indeed~!!!
    I think having interview is very cool~!!!! I am so admiring for you!

  3. Kimiko,
    We all'z are keeping our paws crossed and purrayingzthat youz get accepted into the study so youz can get helps fur your arthritis. Purrs from the Katnippia Crew

    Hi my sweet Yuki! I hopes youz are doing well yourself.
    Purrs and headrubberz, your mancat Taps

  4. Oh, Poor Kimiko! I think you are a very brave ladycat, and strong too! I will keep purring for you that they help you and your knees and elbows, so that you can be frisky and not hurt. Purrs!

  5. Arthritis does not sound like very much fun. But I think it it is very neat that you might be to help other cats be participating in this special study. Good luck to you!

    ps: You do have a very pretty face!

  6. Kimiko - what a wonderful thing you are doing! But I hope they can help YOU too.
    Smooches to you - you are a very brave gal and you're right - 13 is the new 3!

  7. Kimiko: We hope you get accepted into the program and that the Doctors can help you with the arthritis! And you face is very cute!
    Your FL furiends,

  8. Ouch, dat sounds really hurty. We hope dey gif yoo da real medi-sin so yoo don't haf so much hurty anymore. We like dat idea dat 13 is da new 3.

  9. We iz very sorry to learn about your arthritis ~ we hope the new drug works wonders and your elbows and knees get better real soon :)
    Purrs from the SnowForest family :)

  10. We hope you qualify for the study. :-) Arthritis doesn't sound very pleasant. We want you to feel better.

  11. hello theres. The big machine huh? I do not mind the road too much. In fact, when momma pulls out my special box to travel in, she puts in a nice towel, and one of my toys. She leaves it on the floor. And i go right in and purrs and waits for mommies. I like the travelin. Even if it always is to the doctors... i like to see the world!

    And at the doctors... thats where mommies works. So she's always there with me. We stay for the day, and her co-workers always play with me and carry me around.

  12. We will be purrayin' for your arthritis to not get too bad! Arthritis is not fun at all! Tell your meowmie to give you some extra scritches from auntie Kat!

  13. I am sorry that arthur itis has come to visit you. He sounds very mean, making you hurt. I hope that medicine makes you feel better.

  14. Well Kimiko, your name means noble child and you are very nobel to go through with the test if you are a candidate. They have pet stairs you can get if it is real hard getting up on a couch or a bed. I know when I had something wrong with my hind end it was hard for me to jump. I can jump better now though. Mom keeps watching me though. So I know it must hurt for you too. I am the same age as you are, 13. So's we got something in common.