Saturday, December 15, 2007

momsbusy here. the girls have allowed me to post a quick update on the goings on at our house.

i picked up our new kitty yesterday and i don't think he will have any trouble adjusting. he is soooooo friendly and loving. the girls haven't even cared to check out the room he is in even though they have heard him crying some. so i am not sure how the introduction process is going to go since they do not wish to even investigate. i will post his official arrival either tomorrow or monday. i have already taken quite a few photos. luckily he is a ham.

i had to take kimiko back to the vet this morning. she was hissing at me when i touched the back of her back legs to pick her up. her front end is fine but the back end is a bit touchy. the vet gave her a steroid shot and said to see if it helps. if it does then he feels it is arthritus in her hhips or legs. he said this was rare in cats but she could be the exception. if it does not help they will take x-rays to see if they can find a problem. so far, not so good. she has hid under our bed all day. when she finally came out, i touched her and she hissed. i am hoping tomorrow will be better.

yuki will also be posting the arrival of her secret paws package. it was a great package!


  1. How wonderful that your new bundle of joy will be able to be at his forever home for Christmas. We're so sorry to hear that Kimiko is in pain. We all hope that goes away very quickly.

    I'm Sophie's big brother, Tyler. She writes from my blog. She wanted to let you know that Mom closed the Secret Paw envelope before she could put her Christmas card inside. So Merry Christmouse, Have a wonderful Holiday Season. We hope you enjoy your small gifts. Purrs, Sophie, her sibs and Mom too

  2. Aw, maybe she can try the glucosamine that Bonnie is taking? Being sore is no fun.

    And I'm glad the new addition is doing okay!

  3. Poor Kimiko. We hopes your legs feel better soon. We're sendin' purrs your way, an thanks again for the secret paws.

  4. I am so happy that the new kitty is home and adjusting well. I hope Kimiko feels better soon.

  5. We will be purraying for Kimiko! Hope she's feeling better real soon! And so glad the new kitty boy has finally arrived! Can't wait to see more pix of him! How'd he do on the trip home? Chat with you later!

  6. HEY lady u go and meke me sid he furever and vate to se u baby me dont like him now u not love me i hop u furbaby is better no Mammy telld me my bubba is done in wood and wont come home HURREY i have mammy all to me self lol i bad boy xoxoxoxoxxoxo Iam sorry shmoo knows now how to use my pc and he thinks it is his and iam going to take him in the woods JUST JOKING

  7. I hope Kimiko is ok!
    New kitty! Woah....
    I might be getting a wot of them too....sigh....
    Someone better stop mine Mummy!

  8. Hi Yuki!!!

    I opened up my Secret Paws package from you today and I love everything! What fun I am having with all of those feather toys and you were right, those Skitter Critters are very catnippy! And even some Salmon Temptations...I just love them!

    Thank you so very much for everything and I'm going to have my Food Lady put up the pictures today, I hope!

    Purrrrrrs, Willow

  9. Nice new kitty!
    Merry Christmas!