Saturday, August 04, 2007

ofishul contest hints ans rulz

this is the ofishul contest rulz.

we make the rules.
we can change the rules wheneffer we want.
one guess per fambly.
any animal wif a blog, catster/dogster page or email address can play - sorry no beans.
final ansirs/guesses will be emailed to momsbusy AT earthlink DOT net
(OR may be left as a comment on this post).
if emailed subject line must say "cat contest" or it will get eated by spamblocker
contest ends at 11:59pm on furday, august 3, 2007
any questions? ask us befor the contest ends.
da purrize has to do wif the hints.
in case of a tie, mommees will do a drawing an we will soopervise.

hint #1: sum of dis wuz awkshuned on the cat blogosphere.
hint #2: donts let the cat out of this.

hint #3: i gotta a handle on it.
hint #4: darling millie, jasmine and gizzy sent these.

bonus hint: pikshure to post on white wednesday august 1st.


  1. Are they handbags made from the same material as their awesome quilts?

    And, ummm...I didn't know it was Saturday the 4th already! I must've really slept in! ;)

  2. the date is rong cuz mommees wanted this post to stay on top. she says she is fooling blogger. hehe

    yuki & kimiko

  3. Ok, just makin' sure you was not sleepy when posting this, lol. And just had to mess with your mommees, girls! ;p

  4. Yes, I have to agree with Emma - bags made of the quilt material!

    Ha, ha, I had to check the date when I saw your heading date too - I think you are messing with our minds!

  5. Ummm.. we might be wrongs on this. We finks it is a quilted kitty bag fur a kitty.
    hi my sweet and beautiful Yuki. Purrss and kitty nose kisserz your mancat, Taps