Tuesday, July 10, 2007

white wednesday

this is one of my bestest sleepin places. the only thing is that i cants get up here by myself. i haves to ask my mommees to put me up on this high shelf. as yu can see i gots all comfy cozy on the floofy stack of towels.

pee ess: she cants use the towel affers i lay on it or she will hafs my cat hair all ofer her wet body. den she wood hafs to take anofer shower. iffens beans had bee-u-ti-ful furs like us kitties they woodnts hafs to take showers ans baths. they cood jus use their tongues like us. so much better. donts yu agree?!

pee pee ess: we knows a secret. mommees is hepin us wif sumfin. we promised we woodnts tell, but she said we is gonna give hints fery soon. stay tuned!


  1. Wow...your Mommee's good.
    Mine won't wet me wie on her stuff and once she even shut me in her wardwobe the entire day!!!

  2. Hi my sweet Yuki! youz lookz so beautiful laying on the towels.Sia likes to do the same fing. Maybe i can come over and snuggles with youz this weekend.
    Purrs your mancat, Taps

  3. You are a very beautiful cat, I just love your expression. So beautiful~!
    Great spot for nap.

  4. purrrrrrrrrrr i come and we can close the door i fink u su cut i want to nippel on your nose SHMOO

  5. That looks like a fantastic sleeping place! It is soft AND up high!

    I love secrets. I can't wait to learn some of the hints.

  6. Ohhh, that stack of floofy towels looks so comfortable, Yuki! I would love to lie on a stack of towels, but Mom keeps them in a bathroom storage thing and I can't get in there, darn!

    And hmmm, a secret? I am intrigued!

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn.

  7. What a good mommy you have to put you up on the purrfect napping shelf! Ooooh, and a secret..hmmmm. Hints tomorrow????!

  8. You look very content up there.

    I'm so jealous that mommy helped you up. Mommy not only does not help me up, she won't let me even go into the linen closet. Gah!


  9. Awwww. Isn't dat so sweet? Der ist no spare ruum in owr towel closet fur a poodin to lay. Itz stuffed.

    Watz da seekret?

    Luf, Us

  10. you haf a really nice mommy to lift you up so that you can lay in your favorite spot.

  11. Sabi likes da linen closet too. Mommakitty even cleared a space and put a cat bed on a shelf! (Mommakitty also covers da other towels wif one big towel)