Thursday, July 26, 2007

werkin on a post

here i is instruktin my mommees wif mine post. i lay rite next to the moneeture ans the keyboard. as yu can tell i is layin on my nice comfy blankie that parker gifs me fer secret paws. it is my thinkin blankie.

sumtimes i klean myself whens i takes a break frum postin.

whens we is finished i gives my mommees sum kisses fer doin a grate job. i luvs my mommees.

hint #2 is commin fery soon. maybes tomorrow.


  1. What a sweet kitty you are giving your mommy kisses. Emma gives kisses sometimes too. Love your 'pink' blanket too! ;)

  2. Kimiko you did a great job at posting. You really look good on your pink blanket, good color for you. I like kissing Mom's fingers too.


  3. You and your mom work very well together! Your blankie is pretty, too.