Sunday, July 29, 2007

rain rain

mommees says its been raining cats and dogs around here. we hasnts seen any poodins or woofies fallin frum the sky. we did hear the big booms ans saw the flashes of lite shoot thru the air. as soon as we herd ans saw them we hids unner the beds. it boomed alot.

todays hint.
hint #3: i gotta handle on it.


  1. It must be some kind of bag! A pretty cat bag? Am I close?

  2. Momma wishes it would rain here!


  3. I'm thinking along the same lines as Daisy. Waiting for more clues though! It rained and thundered and lightened here too yesterday! Guess we needed the rain, but I don't like lightening.

  4. Yes girls it is bad wewer her to bom bom pow we get scart to but NOT SHMOO he looks out window he nuts

  5. We're getting a lot of thunder but no rain today. Mombean says to get on with it already and rain!