Monday, July 23, 2007

my turn monday

i sneaked on the puter so i coods post. sumtimes yu jus gotta do whatcha gotta do. yuki hafs been hoggin the postin duties. today is my turn.
things hafs been quiet here. mommees ans daddees has been busy wifs work.
but the girl wents to a purfday party fer one of her friends. they wents way outs to the woods to a campin place. they climbed a rock wall, tried to walk on two peeces of wood, swing on ropes ans they went swimmin. i am nots good at climbin but i knows sum of yu ofer kitties ars. but i dont gets the walkin on wood thing or swing on ropes. ans i donts think swimmin is any fun. who wood want to get wet???? that is yukky. they was swimmin in a lake ware the fishys live. i hopes the girl didnts get any fishy bites. i mite hafs go put a hurtin on any fishys that hurt my girl. i mite efens hafs to bites them!


  1. Hi Kimiko! That is a cute picture of you. I do not think swimming sounds very fun, either.

  2. Hi Kimiko! You sure look lovely, it was very nice to see you today.

  3. Girl, you tell your sis she better share this blog w/you. ;) Sounds like your girlbean had a great time! What a good kitty you are too, watching out for her.

  4. Hi Kimiko. Owr woofer Gussie tried to jump in the water and catch fishies. Hes crazzzy.

  5. Nope, we're not fishing cats. They live in Egypt or something.

    Thank you for your purrayers fur our liddle Dorfie. We appreciate it!

    Luf, Us