Saturday, July 07, 2007

my secret paws frum suzanne ans benjamin fuzz

first things first!
i gots my secret paws frum suzanne.
suzanne crossed the bridge recently. she tolds her brofur, benjamin fuzz, to take care of her secret paws. i wants to tell yu he did a grate job at gettin me some primo stuff! just look at all of the goodies he sent. suzanne wood be so proud of her brofur.

see the cool card i gots!!

mommees gots sum stickers ans a book on artistic cats. she says that she nefer news abouts all of the talented cats in history. summer paws has been a good lernin experience fer hers.
i gots a new red collar ans a kong kitty brush. mommees tried to use it on me but i woodnts let her. kimiko luvs it! she lets mommees brush an brush an brush hers. i finks i will let kimiko hafs the brush

here ars sum pikshures of me playin wif my nip mouse. sorry bout the blurry ones. mommees says i wuz movin too fast fer the flashy box to catch me.

the temptations ans feline greenies were the bestest!
i efens shared sum of my treats wif kimiko.
fanks yu suzanne ans benjamin fer my grate secret paws!


  1. Hi Kimiko! We are so pleased to meet you, and to know you are a white kitty like us!

    We like your secret paws very much, so many great things!

    Happy Sunday!

    ~Donny and Marie

  2. What a great bunch of gifts, and how nice of Ben and his Mommy to send those for sweet Suzanne! That makes me purr!

  3. Oh, that is extra special because it was Suzanne's last present to anyone. It was nice of you to share your presents, too.

  4. Hi there, Yuki and Kimiko... those sure are some nice things from your secret paws. It's a good way to remember Suzanne.

    I just had my human add a link to Kazoku Neko. Purrs...

  5. that was a really great paw package! we love the action shots with the nippy mouse too.

    where do you get the Mega Huge bag of fishie flakes you mentioned on our blog? it would be a dream come true!

  6. i'm so glad you liked your paws presents! it's good to share, too. (i've shared my bounty with another kitty too)

    ben fuzz

  7. Yuki, you look so cute playing with the mousies. It was so nice of you to share with Kimiko. I also think that Suzanne's brother did a great job giving you such nice things. Yep, she would be very proud of him.


  8. I love those action shots! What a lot of great stuff you received!

  9. la la la i go on a trip to u house my mom write on a paper for me and tell me i liv at your house and u com her and live in my house mom sey u beautiful like my SIS MUS and i is a pain and u mom is giving me stinky goodnes and flaki flaki SHMOO

  10. Such a great SP package! And how nice of you to share your brush w/Kimiko! I like the new collar. Tell mommy she needs to post a picture of you modeling it for us to see.

  11. Hi, Kimiko! Wow, you're a beautiful white kitty. And what wonderful gifts you got in your Secret Paws package! Ben did a beautiful job.

    Purrs and snuggles from Marilyn!

  12. How purr-eshus that you got a Secret Paws package from both Suz and Ben. And what superduper gifts! You look like you're really enjoyin' 'em.

    Kittyhugs and purrs from MaoMao!

  13. Looks like you got some cool stuff there! Surprises are the best, don't you think?