Sunday, May 13, 2007

7 things about me and me!

pumpkin and cleo tagged us for the "7 random facts about me". below are the rules to play by.

"Each player starts with seven random facts about themselves. Cats who are tagged need to write on their own blog about the seven things and the rules. You need to choose seven cats to tag and list their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment that they have been tagged and to read your blog!"
yuki gets to go first

  • i have odd colored eyes. one is blue and the other is green
  • i am loving on my terms and MY terms ONLY
  • you gots to work really hard to get me to purr
  • i donts like strangers. i can run really fast when the door bell rings
  • i love crunchies, feline greenies and tempationsi only recently found out i love chicken, pork and steak. all cooked well done and off of my mommees plate after she kisses it (to make sure it is cool enough)
  • mommees says i have a funky foot. she says one of my front feet looks different from the other one. see pic. it dont bother me tho.

kimiko's turn

  • i love my mommees the mostest, then the girl and then the daddees
  • i looooove to eat my crunchies and stinky goodness. i will not eat food from the any beans plate.
  • i will beg for fishy flakes. there is nothing better than fishy flakes on my stinky goodness or crunchies or efen all by themselves!
  • i will cry until my mommees picks me up and then holds me like a bean baby and rocks me in her arms. we must do this at least once a day for 15 minutes
  • i must sit in a chair in the kitchen with my mommees when she cooks. i keep her company and supervises the kitchen from my chair.
  • my mommees found me in the dumpster at her old work. i was stuck in there wif other kittens. we wuz lookin fer foods and coodnts get out. she climbed in and safed us all.
  • i sleep wif my mommees efery night. sometimes on top of the covers sometimes under the covers but always next to her knees

we donts know if anyone hasnts been tagged. so we are hopin the ones we pick can still play.

taps of katnippia

jenny of forty paws

bitsy of artsy catsy

junior babee (whenefer he gets a chance)

mrs. b of random drift

we thinks eferry one else we knows has been tagged, if you hasnts peese consider yurself tagged by us!


  1. Ok! I posted my Meme!!! Those are very intresting facts about you two!

    Maw wants to know if you are totally white Yuki? And if so, are you deaf on the side with the blue eye? That is fairly common with white cats with blue eyes. The gene that causes lack of pigmentation also causes the inner ear to not fully develop. When a white cat has 2 blue eyes, they are usually totally deaf.

    Luf, Us

  2. yes, i am totally white! not another color on my entire body. as far as anyone can tell i have no hearing problem. i jus have selective hearing like all cats should.


  3. I really enjoyed reading your lists! I think odd-colored eyes look very very beautiful. And I never knew the story of Kimiko's rescue from the dumpster. I am very glad you got saved.

  4. Oh, Yuki & Kimiko, thank you for tagging me, but we've been so busy here with my human Sharolyn's daughter visiting from Italy, we cats can't ever get our paws on the computer! But since this would have been my very first blog post, I may have to do it later!


  5. Fishy flakes? Wot are dem? Dey sounds furry good.

  6. Thanks for telling us more abowt yerselfs! It was vary intristing! I think it wood be vary kewl to have 2 diffrint colored eyes.

  7. Yuki and Kimiko, I really enjoyed reading about the seven things about you. Yuki, Mom had a kitty like you so many years back she wouldn't tell you how far back. (It was not long after Mom and Dad were married) She had one Blue eye and one green eye, and was called Mamma kitty. She was all white and she had quite a few litter of kittens. Eveyone back then wanted white kitties. Mom finally had her fixed then she disappeared a year later. (You probably heard the story about her before) Kimiko so glad your Mom saved you and all the kitties. I used to eat out of the dumpster too until Mom caught me. I remember her trying to catch me in the dumpster, she just couldn't do it. But I'm glad she finally did, even though I got sick.


  8. Hi my beautiful Yuki!
    I finks that would be nice if youz came and snuggled with me todays. I liked reading your 7 fings about youz. i promise to have mine posted tomorrows. The others want to do theres to.
    Luvs your mancat Taps..
    headrubberz, and kitty kisserz

  9. aw, great memes! Kimiko, I'm so glad your mommy found you and your siblings. I think as long as you can see your food, you're all set. Those are some pretty green eyes! I'll bet you get away with a lot of "explorin'" with thoes eyes.

    I think all kitties should be loved on their terms Yuki, you go girl (wow, that wasn't very man cat of me....More Jerry Springeresk). It is cute you run when stranger ring the bell. I check them out. If they are cat lovers, I ignore them, and if they aren't, I rub all over their legs. Serves them right! Poor toesie, I'm glad it doesn't bother you. I think it looks just fine.

  10. Yuki, I think maybe your paw was broked.

    Love your lists.

  11. Mommy thought she was the only one that had ever gone "Dumpster Diving" to save kitties! Good for your Mommy!

  12. Yuki sounds like Bonnie an I fink I's more like Kimiko! Cept, I want whatefur the beans are eatin an Bonnie doesn't. It's really cruel to put bean food in cans just like cat food; I thot Mom was bein mean, but she was rite, I don't like canned peaches.