Tuesday, April 10, 2007

tuesday update

yuki came home from the vet this morning. they gave her fluids, an appetite stimulant and a pill to help her kidneys work a bit better. she will continue to take the pills for awhile. they said she had not eaten while she was there. this concerned the vet greatly.

yuki was glad to come home to her heated pad that is covered by her new flying quilt from miss millie. yuki and kimiko love their quilts. i will post more pictures soon.

as this is spring break week, my daughter is home and reported to me that yuki did eat a little bit of food twice today. she said yuki also did a "stinky". my mother said yuki walked around the house some and did a little investigating. yuki loves my mom so i am sure there was a little spoiling going on while i was at work. it seems much went on while i was gone, all of which are good signs.

i have to give her fluids tomorrow morning and call the vet to let him know how she is doing and whether she has eaten. so i know he will be happy to know she ate shortly after arriving home. she is still weak but she should gain back her strength as time goes on. she did lose a some weight. about 14 ounces. she weighed in at 6 lb 10 ounces yesterday morning. she still will eat her feline kd but i will let her have a few extra snacks to encourage her to eat a bit more and get some of that weight back on. her face looks so thin and sad right now.

we are so happy to have her home. even if she is mad at me again for taking her to the vet. keep praying for her while she recovers. oh, say a little prayer for me since i have to give her fluids. she behaves much better at the vet when they give her the fluids.

AND guess what came in the mail today for miss yuki? a special purrize from junior babee. her very own millie bed from rocky mountain saimese rescue. it is so cool. it looks like a spotted cow helped design it. since the sides are kinda high for yuki to jump in right now we are saving it until she is better and take it for a test nap. i had to promise her i would hide it from kimiko. kimiko is know to steal all the great napping spots.


  1. My dear sweet Yuki,
    I'm happy to hear you are home, and doing a bit better. Please let your meowmize give you the fluids you need. I will come and snuggle with you tomorrow, and keep you company while you recover from this re-laps of yuckie-ness.
    Luv, your mancat..Taps

  2. Yuki, you're a strong girl! Just know that we love you and are sending purrs. Momma is hurting, too. She's going through this with you. You are a lucky girl to have so many friends praying for you!

  3. Oh, Yuki and Kimiko, you both look so sweet on your Millie quilts.

    I am very glad Yuki is home from the V-E-T, and that she ate. Pixie and I are purring and purring for her to keep getting better.

  4. Baby girl u ceap on working on geting better so your mom will feel better ok

  5. So glad Yuki is home and has eaten a bit. She'll definately feel more comfortable at home. Love their quilts as well! 'Specially Kimiko's purple one! And Yuki's definately still in our prayers.

  6. We're glad Yuki is home and that she ate something. It is good that she has people to spoil her while she recovers.

  7. We will keep purring really really loudly! I'm sure your mom is going to do a great job giving you fluids. When you're healthy enough you're going to love the Millie Bed, they are sooo comfy!


  8. I didn't know that Yuki was sick! Meowm and I are so sorry to hear this! We will be saying lots of purrayers for you Yuki!!!!

  9. Weze glad Yuki ist home now. We keep sendin her warm fots an purrayers.

    RE: yur comint on owr Evil Intruders. Maw agrees. She ist furry sad rite now cuz she jist saw a squished poodin on the road by owr howse. Stoopid beans fur lettin their poodins owt.

    Luf, Us

  10. Poor Yuki. :( I hope you feel better soon! Sending lots of healing purrs your way.

    Your quilts look lovely!

  11. Purty Yuki, I'z sending yu lotz of heeling purrs so yu feel like eeting agin so yu can get better.

  12. Awwww, great big hugs to sweet Yuki. She's such a bee-yootiful and brave girl, and I'm purring and purring and purring for her to feel better soon. And my momma wants y'all to know she's keeping Yuki in her thoughts and in her heart.

    Purrs and kittyhugs from MaoMao!

  13. Hugs, purrs and prayers to Yuki! Please fell better and eat!