Sunday, April 22, 2007

pink for lilly lu

our post is in the color pink to let lilly lu know we is purrayin fer her to get betters.
the vet says i only haf to have the needle in the butt efery 3 or 4 days. mommees wuz hopin he woods say efery two weeks. she says she will hafs to get daddees some good leather gloves to help hold me wifs. (i tink i need to find that nail file and sharpen my claws a bit. hehe) i still hafs to take one of my pills efery day tho. but mommees is happy that i is eatin an drinkin an usin my litter box. today i got into the big pikshure window an enjoyed the sunshine. mommees coodnts gets a pikshure cuz she wuz leavin fer church. hehe. i gotted back on my flyin quilt and curled up to take a nap affer mommees gots home. she took some pikshures of me this afernoon. the top pikshure is where i sleeps on her desk. nice setup, huh?! it is jus fer me! the bottom pikshure is one of my faverite positions to sleep in. mommees says she is gonna hafs to wash my flying quilt tonight. if you biggiefy the pikshure you will see how much of my hair is on the quilt. mommees says she can make anofer kitty wif all that hair.
mommees been realy busy cutting out and sewing up 12 capes fer the girls school musical. 6 of them are just plain capes but 6 hads to be decorated. she finallys gots done wif thems this afernoon. she says she is pooped! maybe she will take a nap wif kimiko. kimiko gets real cranky when mommees doesnts pay her attention like she wants. she gets mouthy an hollars lots when she wants mommees. i cants gets no sleep when she does that.
mommees says she is gonna try to get pikshures of us wif our flying quilts posted this week. she is gonna try to get me into my new bed that junior babee sent me fer winnin his contest. i might decide to share it wif kimiko. i gotta see what she gots to trade for it. afer all, i did win it.


  1. Aw, don't you look sweet...momma wants to give you a snuggle.


  2. YAY!!!! You finally finished! I know you're relieved! Maybe now things at work will ease a bit.

    Yuki, that is a LOT of hair! You look so sweet and when I bigify the bottom pic, I'm blown away by those amazing blue eyes! WOW! As for the needle stuff, it will become routine for you all. You are looking bette.

  3. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better! Sounds like your mom could use a good snuggle!


  4. Sorry you still have to get a needle in the butt, but we're glad you're feeling better. When EG needed pills and eye drops, Momma wrapped him in a big (thick) towel like a baby so he couldn't scratch and Daddy did the pills with a pill shooter (which Momma says is the best invention ever) and the drops. Keep on eating and litterboxing. Make sure to give your mom lots of cuddles, too.
    Titus, Tazo, & Earl Grey

  5. Yuki so glad to hear you are steadily improving. Lots of rest helps the healing so am glad to see in your pictures you are taking good naps. I know your Mom doesn't like that needle any more than you do. So glad to hear your Mom got done with those capes. At least that is one thing off her mind. Maybe Kimiko is a little jealous cause you get a lot of attention even if it is health wise. Hope your Mom had a good nap with Kimiko.


  6. I am so glad you are feeling better!

  7. Flying quilts? Hmmmm. But we am glad you are feeling better. Make sure yoo eats da right foods.

  8. Hi, my beautiful Yuki! Soories I haven't visited youz sooner. My meowmize has been packing, and I have not been feeling a 100% myself. Youz looks so comfy and cutez laying on your flying quilt. Maybe, I can teleport over this weekend, if I'm feeling better and wez can snuggles together.
    Purrs, and kitty kisserz..Taps

  9. Holy macaroni!

    What a lotta kitty hair all over that quilt. Wow! It almost changed color! But it shows you like your quilt, and that makes me and Mom very happy!

  10. those are sweet picts of you ~Poiland Tribe

  11. So glad you're continuing(sp?) to get better Yuki! You had us and your mombean of course, all very worried about you. Just try and be patient w/the needle. Soon you'll be done w/that too.

  12. We're glad to hear you're feeling better!! And that's a lot of fur on your quilt. Goodness. That's like Jenny's fur!

    We'll tell you about Okapis next week. Tomorrow we have to discuss termites.

    Luf, Us

  13. I'm glad you are doing better! You look very sweet in your photos. Good luck to your mom with all her sewing.

  14. Wow!!
    That is furry good furr-iftying!
    The flying quilts are the just the best for a good nap.
    hope you are continuing to feel better.