Sunday, March 04, 2007

hugs to all in the cat blogosphere

we, the members of kazoku neko, would like to hug all the kitties, woofies, buns, rats and beans out in the cat blogosphere. if you sent us a hug we are basking in the warmth of the moment. we appreciate the different purrsonalities and styles of blogs we visit. we can't always post comments nor visit everyone each day but we want you to know we do visit and love reading about the adventures (or in some cases misadventures) of everyone out there. we would love to spend our days visiting but we have to work to get moneys for all the stinky goodness, treats, cat litter, and vet bills that come with everyday living. take care effurryone!



  1. Thank you and here's our hugs to you ((((hugs))))
    We try to visit as many blogs as possible too, but it is impossible to visit and comment on all of them.

  2. {{{{HUGS}}}} to you too Yuki and Kimiko!!

  3. We hugs you lots too Yuki and Kimiko. We also can't get around all the time too, but we love it when we do visit all we can.

    Casper, Cleo, Gizmo and Patches

  4. Belated {{{HUGS}}} to Yuki & Kimiko. We've been busy, too, but wanted to make sure you knew we loved you!

    The Artsy Catsy houseful

  5. {{{{Hugs}}}} from da Forty Paws!

    Thanks fur wishing me a Happy Purrfday!!!

    Luf, Jenny @ Forty Paws

  6. or would that be "lots of hugs FOR you" - well, you know what we mean. purrrrrrrs!

  7. Hugs back to you! I know all about having to work for a living. That and sleeping.

  8. Here's a *hug* for all of you!

    There are so many blogging cats that it's hard to visit and comment on every blog. I do enjoy visiting here when I can, and I appreciate your visits too!