Saturday, February 17, 2007

sleepy saturday

we want to let efferyone know how much we a-pre-she-ates all of the purrayers and good thots yus has sents to us affer ars woofie rex wents to the bridge. mommees eyes leaked a lots when she reds all of the nice comments and saw all of the candles thats were lit fer rex. she says the cat blogosphere has the best bunches of beans and cats anywheres. mommees is fellin better nows and is gonna try to start leefin comments agin. she has left a few heres and theres. she has been bisitin but hasnts felt like commentin.
mommees says we has to updates how we is doings. well ack-too-ally, how yuki, thats me, is feelings. i is feeling much, much betters. i hafs an a-poynt-ment wif the v-e-t this coming fersday. it is a cheks up to see how i is doins. i is etins my speshul foods, drinkin plentee of waters and using my private bafsroom jus like i shoods. i hafs efens been playin and talkin to mommees lots and lots. i effens lets her nos when i is hungry fer some stinky goodness in the mornings. ans i rubs on hers legs an i gifs her lots of nose kisses. i gifed her extra luvins afers rex wents to the bridge, kimiko sleeped extra close to hers at nights so she woods feels betters.
we is gonna try to get some stuff dones on the puter today. mommees hads to buys anofer printer. hers quit spittin the papers out all the ways and had lines going tru the pikshures. she coodnts print any pikshures of us. she said that was bad, fery bad.


  1. You two look very comfortable and sleepy. Glad you are feeling a bit better and luving on your momma.

    Luf, Us

  2. Yuki, you're amazing! You've made your Momma very happy! As for you and Kimiko are doing to help your Momma, keep up the good work. She needs extra loving!