Tuesday, January 23, 2007

two fur tuesday

the eyes have it. two sets of two eyes.


  1. WOW! Both sets of peepers are BEAUTIFUL!

  2. Am I seeing one blue eye and one yellow (orange?) eye on the top kitty?

    Or is it just the lighting?

    Or am I imagining things?


  3. Dan, I think you are right, if you click on and 'biggify' the photo, they do look to be two different colors. Wow!

    Two beautiful sets of eyes.

    How is Yuki doing?

  4. yuki has one green eye and one blue eye. she had her vet appt today. she has not lost any weight (still 7.2 lbs.) but it is still below her normal of 11 pounds. teh vet said if i felt she needed fluids to try again at home but if she fought i could bring her in and they would give her the fluids. he also said that as long as she ate and drank that was a good sign. so we are going to take it one day at a time.

  5. That is a great two-fur.
    I'm glad Yuki is doing better and is eating and drinking. I hopes he "fattens" up soon.

  6. Love both sets of peepers, as Pixie called them!

    Hehee, is this a hint for me? :) I didn't forget the girls, Slide.com just wouldn't cooperate with me. I seriously think they teamed up with DPB yesterday! Today it cooperated and they are both added. Yeah!

  7. Beautiful eyes! My mom loves odd-eyed kitties!

    Best wishes to Yuki!

  8. Yuki, and Kimiko you both have beautiful eyes.
    Yuki - my sweet friend.I'm happy to hear that you are feeling better.-Snowy

  9. Oh Yuki, please get all better real soon. You and Kimiko sure do have pretty eyes.