Sunday, January 21, 2007

sunday update

mommees here. it has been a very busy week. i am finally getting to post again.

yuki has had a setback. i feel it was my fault. she was doing fine. eating, drinking her water, and using the litter box. she was starting to get back to her demanding diva self. i thought i would stop giving her the appetite stimulant pill. actually it is a half a pill once a day. i only considered this move as the vet said this was only a temporary fix. she needs to want to eat on her own.

she was suppose to get one on friday night but i didn't give it to her. she was fine until saturday night. she didn't eat then. she didn't eat sunday morning. she has drank her water and used the litter box. it is now sunday night. she is moving more than yesterday but is not eating yet. i have given her her pill but it has not started working yet. i gave her fresh stinky goodness and water. she has a vet appt on tuesday for a blood test recheck. if she hasn't eaten by tomorrow morning i will be calling the vet.

she is trying to get back to her old self. she looks up at me when i call her name. she is responsive to touch. her cattitude about being touched is still there, just in a smaller dose. if she does want to be petted & you do it in the right spot, she will purr. her walk is a bit unsteady as she is weaker from not eating again. but she is still getting up and moving around.

please continue to keep yuki in your prayers.


  1. oh dear - poor sweet Yuki! we're purrin' lots for you!

  2. Poor Yuki girl! Figures I've been checking your blog and the couple days I don't...there's an update! Shame on me!