Thursday, December 14, 2006


we will nots be postin for awhiles. ars gichan (mommees daddee) is in the hospital and this morning the girl woke up wif a feever. mommees gots the shot in her back on tuesday and she says hers hip feels hor-ree-bulls when she tries to bends ofer.

mommees says she is needin a klone. dus anyone haf one? what is a klone anyways? if anyones has one to spare pleese lets ars mommees borrow it for awhile. thanks bunches. yuki & kimiko


  1. Hope everybody feel better soon. Headbutts & Purrs.

  2. Oh deer, we hopes efurrywun feels better soon. We hope yoo can come back postin again soon cuz we will miss yoo.

  3. I am so sad to hear so many problems going on in your household. There is nothing to apologize for. Don't feel bad we're not posting either. Your Mom knows we have nothing to post on. She is thinking about going to I hear Mom going around saying Oh Lord, there are so many to pray for. So many hurting people.

    Dad just got home from the post office and he said there is a package down there but he didn't get there in time to pick it up. We are hoping it's the fishy flakes.

    Hope everyone gets all better real soon.