Tuesday, November 07, 2006

election day

today is election day. so ars mommy wents out to vote this mornin. she hads to waits in line for ofer 30 minutes to get to vote. we tinks that is a long time to waits fur anyfing. we tolds hers we votes for hers to give us more stinky goodness and fish shavins and nip and greenies. she says it not for more food - kinda. well, effer it is or not. she says they had to votes on a pen-nee sales tax for tree years and for a cap on prop-er-tee taxes. why dus a tax need to wears a cap? dus it haves a head? she said that might cost us to have to cut back on extras like nip or greenies or efen stinky goodness. we hopes she voteds no on thems taxes or is it yes. mommees says dem low-ers make up werds an spec normal beans to unnersands what theys mean. so she has to reads the words real close. we tolds her shes shuda took a mag-i-ni-fi-ing glass. effer way, we is not gettin enuf extras now.


  1. My beans voted, too. There was sumfing bout money for schools, but from bonds, not taxes. An sumfin bout killin beans who killed an it was proofed wif Dee En Ay. An sumfin bout whether happy beans can be married.

    Heck, I just wanna choose chicken or beef!

  2. it's all furry confusin' - the werld should be run by cats an efurryfing would be better.