Monday, August 14, 2006

happy cat day

yuki and kimiko asked me to pass this on to everyone.

there is a little cat holding a sign on my cat calendar. it says that tomorrow (August 15) is happy cat day. for more information go to:

they agree that there should be an official cat day and cat stamp.


  1. That is so funny, 'cause I also have a calendar that says Aug 15 is "Cat Day"

  2. Well, Happy Cat Day to you too! But in our house, every day is cat day since this everything revolves around us.

  3. Happy Cat Day!
    We's furry happy to meet you. We readed your posties and we'll purray for your woofie. Thanks for tellin us about Cat Day too!
    ~~ Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Gree and Pepi of the House of the (Mostly) Black Cats

  4. our calendar must be stoopid cause it doesn't know 'bout our day

  5. Hellooooo Miss Yuki and Miss Kimiko!! We gotted owr Secret Paws purresents that you sent! Thank you sooooooo much, they are reely cool. Come by owr blog to see the pix mom took!

    We hope yore woofie is feelin better soon. We haf bofe had pickkers taken of owr insides and it doesn't hert at all. They do it from the owtside of yore furrs, so I don't kno how it werks, but wen they is done they can see yore bones and if you got stuff inside that shoodn't be there.

    Don't forget to come to owr bloggie, we need yore help wif somefing!

    Finny & Buddy

  6. If you go here........

    you will see where you were tagged. Sorry bout that. I have too many sites.

  7. Hi Yuki and Kimiko! We just finded you at Finny and Buddy's blog. Sorry we are so late to say hello! Come and visit us when you have the chance

  8. Hi Yuki and Kimiko! We just found you too from the Meezer's blog.

    Drop by and visit us sometime!

    ABBY & the gang

  9. Hi

    We just stumbled across your blog. We are calico girls from the Big Piney Woods. We have a semi feral sister who lives in the Big Outside. She is a torbie and furry sweet.

    Patches and Mittens

  10. Hello Yumi and Kimiko. I was very happy that you visited my blog and that you don't think I'm that "o" word.

    I missed Cat Day. But Happy Belated Cat Day anyway!!!

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  12. P.S. My comment came up twice so I had to deleted one.