Saturday, July 15, 2006


hello efurryones, we are kimiko (calico) and yuki (solid white). our mommy finally got us a bloggie. we had to wait fur hers to post a pishure of cheebie first. she said she still misses him and he was the top cat for a long time. we misses him too.

we just got our email wif our secret paws name. an we are not tellin anyone!

shhh, don't tell anyone but kimiko has a big mouth. she meows all the time. sometimes mommy has to tell her to hush up. i hope she can keep the secret.

i do not have a big mouth. i am just more open-e-ated about what i want. you are just jealous yuki because you don't have as pretty a meow as i do. hmmpf.

anyways, we welcome efurryone to our bloggie. mommy said she will give us ar own puter time. she luvs us so much.


  1. Hi Kimiko and Yuki! I too, as well as Emma, am excited about my Secret paws kitty! At least I think it's a kitty. Now that I'm thinking about it, oh, yes it was a kitty. She likes pink and furry mice! Fun fun! Must go and get ready for bed!

  2. Yiya guys.... er gals! I am furry glad you got yore own bloggie now. I will get mine Momma to link to you.

  3. Oh, Kimiko and Yuki, what sweet, beautiful babies you are. Both are so cute and have such neat personalities (purrr-sonalities?).

    Look forward to learning more about you two.

  4. yay! more furrends wif bloggies! you two are furry pretty an we're happy to meet you!

  5. Hello Kimiko and Yuki. Welcome to the Cat blogging world where Cats rule. You are very pretty and have interesting things to say.